What We Do
The SDRC examines paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, jewelry and other works submitted to SDRC and evaluates their authenticity as well as their contribution to Dalí’s body of work. It draws upon a uniquely qualified group of experts and advisors for a scholarly, unbiased analysis regarding the many aspects of this great artist’s remarkable and varied oeuvre.

By identifying and defining Dalí’s artistic and intellectual achievements, the SDRC facilitates a better understanding of the character and nature of the artist’s entire oeuvre, as represented in museums, private collections, galleries, and for sale at auction and on the internet.

The misrepresentation of Dalí’s oeuvre and the sale of dubious Dalí works has plagued the art market for decades. Reproductions of Dalí’s originals, and non-Dalí creations attributed to him, run the gamut of artistic production, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and jewelry. Since its inception, SDRC has reviewed numerous works submitted to it and determined, after careful study and research, that a significant number are questionable.

The SDRC sponsors seminars and lectures for its members on all aspects of Dali’s life and works.

If we have authenticated a Dalí work, we are in a position to recommend dealers who may be interested in acquiring your work.

The SDRC itself neither buys nor sells art.

Who We Are

Salvador Dalí Research Center (“SDRC”) is a federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity organized under the laws of New York State. It was founded by the noted Dalí expert, Dr. Alex Rosenberg, and a group of other Dalí experts and scholars. The mission of SDRC is to study and protect the artistic patrimony of the widely admired and emulated artist, Salvador Dalí.

Database and Library
The SDRC has created a comprehensive database and library concerning Dalí. It continues and expands the work of the late Albert Field, founder of the US Dalí Archive. The SDRC has compiled a collection of photographs of Dalí’s works, some unique.

Contributions and gifts to the library and archive are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Salvador Dalí Research Center depends on your tax deductible contributions to be able to carry out its mission.

Partial List of Experts & Advisors

  • Dr. Alex Rosenberg, Chair Emeritus, former publisher of Dalí’s prints and scholar.
  • Dr. Paul J. Cardile, President, scholar and art historian.
  • Barbara Fischman, Executive Director, past president of the Pastel Society of America.
  • Hermine Chivian-Cobb, Vice-President, private dealer and curator.
  • Vivian Ebersman, Treasurer, art historian.
  • Robert C. Aretz, gemologist.
  • Marion Banks, art expert.
  • Dr. Russell J. Dionne, international management consultant.
  • Jennifer Freeman, art lawyer.
  • Roslyn B. Goldman, art print scholar.
  • Bennet Grutman, art accountant.
  • Erica Hartman, art expert.
  • Barbara Hoffman, art lawyer.
  • Daile Kaplan, art expert.
  • Clayton Kirking, librarian and exhibitions’ expert.
  • Helaine Fendelman, art editor and writer.
  • Harmer Johnson, auctioneer and scholar.
  • Peter Lucas *, art expert.
  • Walter F. Maibaum, private dealer and sculpture expert.
  • Dr. Phyllis Tuchman, art writer.
  • Jane H. Willis, art expert.
  • Sylvia Wolf Leonard, art expert.

* Deceased


A BBC World Service (radio) interview with Alex Rosenberg, Chair Emeritus, on the matter of Dalí’s paternity suit: